Sunday, January 19, 2014

Things I miss about highschool

Just watched the movie the to do list and it brought me back to my high school days.  Not that I made that kind of checklist in high school but it made me think of a list of the top five things I missed from those days.

1. My friends
This is my number one of course.  So many things get in the way of seeing my friends now a days.  Being two hours away sure doesn't help, but even if I was home things just get in the way when you get older. People get married and have these terrible things called responsibilities.  These responsibilities tend to keep us away from just carelessly hanging out like we use to get to do in high school.  That is what I miss the most.  Being able to call up my group of girls just to bullshit about meaningless drama that meant the world in those times.  Or being able to just go out and enjoy ourselves again without having to worry about bills, jobs, and husbands.  I'm lucky enough to still call most of my friends from high school BFF's but I need to make it a point to start hanging out with them more.  I'm sure my couch could use the break anyway.

2.  Allowance
This was pretty killer. I use to get 40 a week. That was enough to get my lunch during the week, keep gas in my car, and still left me enough for parties on the weekend.

3. No bills,
Ah the carefree life of no bills. No insurance, phone, credit card, mortgage, water, and energy bills piling up on my counter.

4. Sports.
When I wasn't with friends I was playing any sport I had time for. Basketball, volleyball, and softball consumed much of my life.  Sports gave me the opportunity of meeting several of my life long friends, and made me into the competitive crazy I am to day. :)

5.  Last but not least, W.H.S.
-The classes weren't hard, life was easy, and it was a place that required me seeing my friends five days a week :) What's not to love.

I don't for a second want to go back.  As it's in the past and given the chance there would be no way it'd be as great , but it's nice to reflect sometimes.

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