Monday, April 28, 2014

Review of Eleanor & Park

Don't usually do this, but I feel that I owe it to the books that I truly love.  Gotta share them with the world right??

Below is my review of Eleanor & Park.

If I had to summarize it in one sentence: Eleanor & Park made me remember what it was like to be young, naïve and in love.

Rest of the review that I posted on Amazon and Goodreads below:

This story brought me back to high school in such a good way. It reminded me of what young, fresh, new love was like. Brought me back to the butterflies and feelings of angst and anxiety that comes with a brand new crush. Also loved the part about skateland. We had one of those in my hometown and it was where all the "cool kids" went to hang out and hold hands during slow skates.

I always have a softy for gingers, (being one myself lol) which was what made me buy this book and I am so happy I did. Both of the characters in this novel were so well developed, and real. Every situation that happened in the novel was one that I could easily play out in my head. My favorite part was when Park notices she's reading his comics so he then decides to turn the pages more slowly. Just the little things like made this novel amazing. Those little nervous steps we all take at the beginning of a relationship. It's those feelings we forget about and take for granted. This book had me laughing, crying, and always turning the page for more.

This novel brought me back to those moments I had with my first high school boyfriend ,who just happens to have the title of husband now :) So Eleanor & Park it can happen. When you find that one, you just know.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Official Press Release


Death Has a Daughter: Gripping New YA Novel Fuses Love & Suspense from Unique Perspective of Female Grim Reaper.


Masterfully crafted by Candice Burnett, ‘Death Has a Daughter’ is breaking new ground the in Young Adult and Fantasy genres by ditching vampires/werewolves and witches in place of the Grim Reaper. Told from a wholly unique perspective, Burnett’s novel is garnering rave reviews from around the world as readers indulge in the story of someone they know that, deep down, they still fear.

For Immediate Release




Atlanta, GA – While the Grim Reaper occupies the minds of millions of children, this sentient entity rarely finds its way into Young Adult fiction. Bucking the trend with gusto, author Candice Burnett is delighted to put a female Grim Reaper under the spotlight in her latest novel, ‘Death Has a Daughter’.


Melding love, death, souls and demons, this most unique of novels truly is unlike anything else currently on the market.




Cendall, history’s first female Grim Reaper, has until her eighteenth birthday to prove she’s worthy of the role. The only obstacle in her way are those pesky Guardian Angels who protect human souls, but Cendall is certain she can handle any Guardian who gets in her way. However, nothing could have prepared Cendall for Lacie—a soul that is protected by multiple Guardians, wanted by Demons, and, most startling of all, can see Cendall.

Cendall uses every trick in the book to try and slip past Lacie’s Guardians and collect her soul, but a Demon interferes at the last moment. In the chaos, Cendall accidently saves Lacie’s soul, along with one of the injured Guardians. Realizing Cendall fears termination for her mistake, the Guardian blackmails her with an offer she can’t refuse: in exchange for his silence, Cendall must keep Lacie’s soul safe from the Demon, until he recovers from his injuries.

Cendall agrees—with the intention of checking Lacie’s soul off her list, the instant the Guardian is healed. But as the three of them are forced to work together, Cendall begins to question why Lacie is wanted by the Demons and if her name actually belonged on Cendall’s list in the first place...


“There’s multiple themes at play within the narrative; that collide to produce a compelling reading experience,” says Burnett. “There’s two underlying love interests in the story; one a Guardian angel and another a fellow Grim Reaper. This certainly creates plenty of contention.”


Continuing, “The fact that the lead Grim Reaper is female also adds another layer to the story, beside it being a literary first. Readers finally get to read something told from the perspective of the ‘bad guy’ and, because it isn’t dystopian or dwelling on blood-sucking vampires, it’s guaranteed to give young readers something fresh!”


Readers agree with the above. In fact, since its release, the novel has enjoyed extremely positive reviews.


“First I must say the idea of having a first person account of a Grim Reaper and a female one at that is ingenious. The writing is very well detailed; the dialogue flows flawlessly and is very realistic. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy a fast-paced, very detailed and uniquely stimulating story. Death Has A Daughter will NOT disappoint! 5 stars all the way around!” says Mac79 on Amazon.


Another reader was equally as impressed, adding, “I read Death Has a Daughter in two days. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I love the concept of how Cendall is the only female Grim Reaper in a world of male Grim Reapers. At first it seems like her realm values equality and treats her fairly but we soon find out that there is a small price that has to be made if she wants to attend the training program, graduate and become a Grim Reaper.”


‘Death Has a Daughter’ is available now: For more information, visit the book’s official website:




About the Author:

Candice Marie Burnett graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing.   She’s loved writing from a very young age, but has only recently pursued publishing her debut novel Death Has a Daughter.  She grew up in Woodhaven Michigan on a small farm with her mother, father, brother and sister.  She now lives in Atlanta Georgia, with two fluffy pugs and her husband, who has an overworked, undefeated, guardian at his side.  



Candice Burnett / 7342310405 /

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Early easter basket gift

Hoppy Easter :) Death has a Daughter is free till Saturday.

For more info on DHAD visit

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Death Has A Daughter #payitforward

This morning, the car in front of me bought my coffee at Starbucks :)
It's amazing how simple random acts of kindness can make a persons day.
So please remember to always #payitforward

In the spirit of paying it forward I gave away 5 copies of DHAD on Facebook.  I know it's not quite the same as starbucks this morning, but I'm just getting started :)

Happy Reading :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If Death Has A Daughter was on the big screen.

This is totally just for fun.  In no way, shape, or form do I own these pictures or have any inside knowledge of these celebrities.

This is just for fun, because well I want to :)  What author doesn't dream of seeing their characters come to life on the big screen.

Below are the celebrities that I could picture playing the characters in my book Death Has A Daughter.





(I know this is the second picture of the celeb above but he's a big fav lol, as is the guy below)

Cendall's Dad

Was it who you pictured as well, or did you have other people in mind.  Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why do you write?

This question was posted as an article on someone's twitter and I thought it would be a nice topic. 

So lets get to it.

Why do I write....well they're a few reasons.

1.  To share the stories and dreams that float around inside of my head.

2.  I write because at times I get frustrated when reading other authors books.  I always find myself thinking, if I was the author, how I would have done it differently. 

3. To give the unique characters that ramble between my ears a voice.

4. My final reason is simple.  I just enjoy it :)

So if you are an author and are reading this...Why do you write?