Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The importance of Networking in the Indie Community

One thing I wish I would have known, that wasn't discovered until months in my indie journey, was the power of connecting with other Indie authors.  I'm not sure if it's just authors in general,  or just the indie sort, but it really is like one big team working together.  Every Indie author I've met has helped out in so many ways.  I can't even begin to mention them all or this blog will go for eternity.  So one thing I'd like to pass onto other Indie authors is make sure you connect with other authors in the same genre. And don't only like their page, or friend them on twitter/fb.  Actually interact. Real conversations, and real connection only benefits in the long run. You never know what advice they have that you haven't thought of.  Easy ways to network if you don't want to friend or follow on fb is to join fb groups. They have hundreds of them for you too choose from on FB.  That is all for today, but I wanted to share as I've been thinking about this a lot lately :)

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