Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Caylee's Confessions Free for a Limited Time :)

The first novel in my Caylee's Confessions series is free for a limited time on kindle

Happy Reading and regardless if you love or hate it, I'd love to hear your feedback in a review please :)

This journal that you’ve found, is not a desperate tale of failed high school love, or a laundry list of complaints from that person who always got picked on. This journal belongs to me: Caylee Raupp, AKA Undead Assassin—and by “undead” I mean non-human—and these are my confessions.

I hope, whoever finds my scribbles will find the strength and knowledge to join me on my quest. I’ve left you with as much information as possible, in the amount of time that I can afford. I’m asking you to use this information to help me—and yourself—because I can no longer do it alone, for complications have arisen that make this no longer possible.

I invite you to take on this journey with me. This journal has all the insight you’ll need to take on this task. I must warn you though—the information in these pages cannot be unread, and in consequence, could put your life in danger, should you choose to help…

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